About Joox

How everything started

Joox was founded in 2010 with the concept of personalization in its DNA. Using VDP, and industry 4.0 technology, to print multiple images on the same project. The startup is 100% Brazilian and provided that any person could create Personal Cards, Minicards and Stickers with many different photos, images and colors, innovating the way people introduce themselves.

With design thinking basis, the entire line of Joox products was designed exclusively to give a unique experience to its users in a simple and innovative way.

How everything started

What has Joox become now?

Now we want to share this personalization technology with everyone who wants to make, create, sell and buy their own personalized products.

We believe that making a personalized product goes way beyond a simple customization of limited color and layout. So we’ll create a new personalization experience. And that's why we started this new ingenious project: Joox.io API.

What's Joox now?

How is it going to work??

That is it!

Joox wants to revolutionize how consumers and businesses merge and monetize physical and digital lifestyles and processes. Aiming the industry 4.0 concept, the possibilities for consumer goods, marketing and advertising, supply chain applications and other key sectors are endless. Joox is focusing on a new era of manufacturing, looking into production processes as they`re becoming increasingly influenced by innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) over the coming years.


Create your own universe.