Sooner than you might think.

About the Marketplace

Joox Marketplace will become a huge sales channel and a showcase for those who want to find and sell personalized products.

Makers, Sellers and Designers will be connected! They can find each other and have the oportunity to create a market, offering new possibilities to Customers to find what they want.

Makers can offer their product line to be personalized and produce everything on demand;

Sellers can display and sell their product line to many stores interested in personalized products;

Designers can spread their art all over the world, work directly with brands, drawing special collections for them and much more!

Customers can create and co-create products and even make things that don't exist yet with the support of Makers;

It’s a special place to find and create unique and exclusive personalized products made by passionate professionals. Soon, you'll discover a new market revolution that will transform your experience on finding and buying products.

Comming soon

Tell me when it’s done!

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